Sunday, 12 July 2015


Like I've said in many other posts prior to this...

As in life, the above pic illustrates that sometimes what something looks like, isn't what it actually is.
Today's post is all around interpersonal relationships you have within the teams you're in.
Working so closely with people can occasionally create friction between you and another, sometimes the results can be difficult and involve some kind of managerial intervention - none of which anyone wants.
So why am I bringing perspective and interpersonal relationships up in the same sentences?
Well, hopefully you've already read my posts on dealing with conflict and a few of the other insights I have offered up on awareness.
If this is true, then you'll understand why my inclusion of perspective is more about what YOU'RE seeing around YOU than what others are.
If you haven't read any of the other posts and you are struggling with either one or many of your working relationships, please take some time to go back over some of my old posts. Fingers crossed what I've put together back there will help you when you get back.
For the rest of you, take that handbrake off, we're gonna need a bit more speed if we're ever gonna make the 720 spin on the gravel n grass up here....
So your own perspective is the bit you're responsible for, not anyone elses'. Make sense? Yes. Easy.
What you may not be considering during these interactions that are pushing your blood pressure up, is your....starts with a "P", its not Pinot it's not "Poison"'s "Perspective".
Your perspective should always been your first consideration when struggling with someone you work with, be in your team or outside of it. But how and why?
Pedal down and consider the following statements;
1. Are you getting frustrated with this person based on something they did a long time ago and are "colouring" all their current and future interactions with you with that same brush?
2. Does your frustration/anger actually have anything to do with this person? Or is it you? Do they remind you of someone else who drives you up the wall?
3. Does this person have any idea that what they're doing is affecting you so badly? If they did, might they stop doing it?
4. Has that person been shown that way to do something by someone else and there's a good reason for it that you might not know?
5. How are you feeling? Tired, sad, angry. Write down a list of why then ask how important the things on your list actually are.
6. What's going on for you that might be clouding your views of the situation?
7. Do you think the stress you're under is caused by what's going on around you? Or is it you creating it for yourself?
Slap on the handbrake and turn the wheel hard left.
These are just a very quick few questions designed to challenge how you're viewing the world around you, give you a full 180 feedback back toward yourself and can give you another spin on an "eyes open" on how you're interacting with that person (or people) that's getting up your nose.

Perception and how you use it can be a great diffuser for your stresses and for how you view any situation you find yourself in too - it goes hand in hand with attitude.
So like I said earlier - sometimes what things can look like, sometimes just are not what you thought they were...its just the way you're looking at them that's giving you the stress or frustration you're feeling.
 Now as a further illustration on perception, here's a classic one for you.
To any of you Sons Of Anarchy fans...yeah...
...this might sting a little...​
Have a great day.