Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Music I'm into at the moment - a playlist

Figured might be cool to share the music I'm into, most of it organised into a playlist for when I'm out on the bike. Great cruising sounds, great vocalists, good to sing along with. 

Then for fun or curiosity, feel free to check out the link on the right hand side under popular posts "My old band recordings plus a new track" - me singing. Bit of rock in that direction too.  

Playlist - in no particular order;

Back from Cali - Slash, featuring Myles Kennedy

Ashes Of Eden - Breaking Benjamin

Failure - Breaking Benjamin

Breakdown - Breaking Benjamin

Saint Cecilia - Foo Fighters

Space Lord - Monster Magnet

Bullet In My Hand - Redlight King

Wash It All Away - Five Finger Death Punch

House Of The Rising Sun - Five Finger Death Punch

Made To Be Broken - Seven Mary Three  (live - prefer studio version)

Master Of The Universe - Sick Puppies

Blow Up The Outside World - Soundgarden

Stinkfist - Tool

The Pot - Tool

Black Cadillac - Shinedown

State Of My Head - Shinedown

Cut The Cord - Shinedown

Footsteps (Go Higher) - Pop Evil

Trenches - Pop Evil (a bit glam band but it grows on you)

Take It All - Pop Evil (even more glam band)

Good Man - Devour The Day

I'm A King Bee - The Stone Foxes

Left Hand Free - Alt-J

Red Sun Rising - The Otherside

Figure It Out - Royal Blood

Little Monster - Royal Blood

My Demons - Starset

Mississippi Queen - Mountain

Heathens - Twenty One Pilots

Paralyzer - Finger Eleven

Evidence - Faith No More

Ashes To Ashes - Faith No More

Falling To Pieces - Faith No More

Bulletproof - Shihad/Pacifier

Yeah. Git 'cha rock on already.

More 2016 DGR Photos

Monday, 10 October 2016

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - 2016 Tauranga

Hi you! Apologies I haven't posted in a while. Been a bit flat out if I'm honest. Working and charity work.

So the amazing DGR kicked off this Sunday just been (9th Oct 2016), with around 150-200 bikes turning up. We had old-time scooters, bobbers, Harley's, Triumph's, Ducati's, you name it, we even had a bike built from scratch on deck! The dapper level's were high, moustache's were curled up, moustache stickers applied to bike headlights and the comradery of the DGR pack was solid.

Collectively our riders in Tauranga, NZ managed to pull together $14, 049.00 for the charity, NZ collectively raised a whopping $93,178.00 and worldwide we helped generate US$3,542,031.00! 
A legendary result! 
I even managed to take out second place amongst our riders gathering up $1271.00!! Thanks to all who donated and put up with me spamming them on social media.

The ride day itself is something I highly recommend if you're a motorbike owner. The discussions around men's health, suicide prevention and prostate cancer were great to be had. I even had a good 10 minute discussion with a member of the public who just wanted to share his story of going through prostate cancer with me - a humbling talk and another reason why we do this DGR work in the first place. He is thankfully cancer free now, an excellent result.

Riding in the pack - I was lucky enough to be up front for the majority of it - was chilling in a good way. I am sure that people heard us coming around quarter of an hour before we even showed up. As we passed places, windows rattled. We were a very dapper gang of ladies and gents looking to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer and Men's mental health. 

I think we accomplished that. I even had an opportunity to jump on a tourist bus and let the asian tourists just what we were all about, but they were so quick to get off their bus and get up close and personal with the bikes they literally pushed on past me! Was awesome!

Check out a few of the pictures of the day below. 

The boys - Rich, Stefan and I

Workmate Stefan and I again

This guy was one of the nicest guys around, and probably the oldest riding!

The "Red-Band" band who donated their time for free to play the venue! Legendary band!

Front three and organisers of this Tauranga ride - Damian, Myself and Wayne

Front three bikes. (from left) My Ducati, Wayne's Triumph and Damian's Triumph.

Promo picture - Keith, myself and Damian

And then our newspaper interview and article.

So please keep an eye out for DGR 2017 - I'm going to be involved in it for sure!
If you have a bike - I can't suggest enough for you to get involved too! 

#badass #dapperedup #welldressedgang