Thursday, 20 April 2017

The DGR - the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - September 24th 2017 Sunday

Hi all!

Well, it might seem like I'm being a little preemptive in this "hey, time to get yourself ready for for the worldwide sensation of the DGR" given we're only in April, but I figured that if I alert you now, you'll have time to get that iron ride of yours out of the garage, cleaned up, off to the mechanics, order in the parts etc so you can have it ready.

For those of you here in Tauranga, looks like I'm going to be the principal organiser this year so will be gathering up everyone that can lend a hand, setting up a few meetings and seeing if we can't make this one better than anyone's prior.

Remember, this ride is to prevent our fellow men from taking their own lives, to raise awareness that yes, we men feel pressure and can experience a range of mental problems too, and to also shine the light on Prostate Cancer and get men along to their doctors for check ups.

If you want to join me, or just want to sign up to start working on those around you and gather up some funds for this great charity, click the link below.

The time to make a real difference has arrived. - sign up here

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride 2016 YouTube

And a newspaper article from last years ride, I'm the one in black with the Ducati. :{D

Click the image for a read.

Talk again soon.