Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My old band recordings plus a new track

Back when I was frontman in a band named "Humbucka" for the first three tracks - our band was named after the active pickups on an electric guitar. 

"Fallen from Grace" and "No More" were two original songs written by myself and the Lead Guitarist Glen Peters, little bit grunge, little bit rock. We could've gone somewhere I reckon, a good team.

Glen and I also covered a few other songs (the other links) prior to us forming the band with the drummer (Jappa) and bassist (Flange). Our band went its separate ways early 2000.

The quality of the sound is not the greatest given they were all recorded with a tape-deck in the open space of the warehouse that we lived in...but you get the idea.

The next track below is a more recent addition (last month) with myself and some friends from work (2 x guitarists) working on a Jeff Healey track I really like.


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