Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Devilskin - a band well worth going to see

A couple of mates (pals/friends for you American's) and I headed over the hill to the mighty Waikato city of Hamilton (around an hour and a bit drive from Tauranga where we live) to go see a live band that has been doing the rounds for about 4 years, but have only recently garnered critical acclaim starting to "make it big". 

For more about them, go here to their official site -

Having been a fan for about a year, I was really looking forward to heading out with the boys in Hamilton - an old stomping ground of mine. Devilskin never fails to impress!

...and no, for all you religious people out there?  Don't panic. Pretty sure they're not Satanists, their name and some parts of their video's are simply filled with images designed to "shock" the public and get them talking. 
Forget about the media machine and just listen to the lyrics and the tight music they're putting together. 

But for you NZer's, Australians, Americans, UK folk and everywhere else you lot are from who are reading my posts, keep an eye out for this band - they're up in the "we're heavier than Linkin Park" realm, and well worth a listen with steaming riffs, powerful melodies, sing along tunes, incredible drumming (from the rhythm guitarists son no less), great rhythm guitar playing, stage presence, professional and female vocals like I've never heard before - oh yeah, she has got some lungs! Very impressed. Sure, I can sing and belt out a few but Jennie could out do most male vocalists without even trying! Effortless.

Crowds are pretty diverse too - I kinda expected me and my friends to be up there in the "you's fulla's are too old bro' to be here" but nope, I'm a young 40 somethin' and there were plenty of rockers there WAY older than me!

Their concerts are charged and their stage show is tight, well eclipsing their two opening bands (can't remember the first one's name, but the second was "Fire At Will" who were good, just not Devilskin awesome). They had a great team behind them too and they openly got the crowd to acknowledge them as well. This band has that rare quality where they know where they come from and who has helped get them there. I get the feeling they won't be forgetting this fact if and when they make it bigger than big.  

They are heading to Australia soon, then hopefully they try to head further afield.  I have no question in my mind they could certainly make it in the big leagues!

If you get a chance to go see them live, I highly recommend you do. 

Be prepared not to be able to hear too well for a few hours afterward though, their stage show is epic.

Click the links below for their official music video's as a taster.

Little Pills

Never See The Light

Start A Revolution